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24 little hours

Well almost. Makes my head better off; and a shopping trip helped.

Selene's Eye. Part and parcel of the build-up to the Installation. Acrylic and enamel as usual on Khadi paper - I love that company, even if importing it from Kerala is not ideal, eco-friendly.

Spent far too much today: bought three large canvases, 2 sketchbooks, a lamp and some groceries. And have had a chance to think calmly about CAYAC and what to do. Just need to tabulate and email off to those concerned.

Bank Holiday Monday and half-term fast approaching. Had a couple of lovely 2 hour days, and now I have the prospect of making Bacchus. It'll be 3m across, 1 high, and have obscure bottles dangling from its lower edge. May relate to the experience of living with an unrepentant alcoholic and the rejection by a Chemnitz residency on the theme of 'Intoxication'? The problem with doing this museum-sized pieces is that they do not sell and storing them is hard, not to mention framing costs. So I am asking the gods of commerce to open their arms and assist. they won't: they only respond to the prayers of sociopaths.

I dreamt that I would spend Christmas in Detroit. I sometimes do prognosticant artwork, but not sure about the powers of oneiromancy? Have chocolate in the cupboard, so no worries at the moment, and pizza for tea. I am truly blessed a king without a crown, but who need the pomp and ceremony that goes with it?

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