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2 weeks before school starts again

Our species is bound for quick extinction. Blather on my news-feed - hopeless inadequacy.

Everything seems to be in perpetual confusion. The planet is burning, but the local trumps the international every time. It is understandable, but then Afghanistan is followed by the football report. That 19th century scientists attempted to quantify degrees of mental impairment suggests they missed the boat: we are all in that famous Ship of Fools, and heading for the skerry.

I have been watching stuff on Netflix. Concerned by the proliferation of 'unnecessary' sex. When it is not a crucial part of plot and denouement. Alta Mat, Freud and Luna Nera all seem guilty, unless i have become a rabid prude. Male nudity is still a major minority sport. In the Viennese vignette it occurs but in a scene where a group of virile men are in a white-tiled space. But they are drinking animal blood nd wiping it across their bodies. Gratuitous? Possibly. But certainly a case of equating masculinity and the bestial. Maybe a step in the right direction, but too much too late?

Worried by the shock of coincidence at the moment. Reading a volume of crime short stories. Marion, Friday 13th May and probate occur and echo my mother and the sheer stagnation over the legacy. Weird world. But the occurrence is a well-known illusion. Interesting that I should have mentioned Freud en passant a little earlier...

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