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2 to go!

I am often short of breath now; must get a doctor's appointment soon!

Bent. Acrylic on A5 prepared paper. Sold this one on Saatchi too. I love Saint Sebastian. Almost wish he was my patron, but Stephen is good enough; he got stoned. I had a very religious upbringing, but t was non-conformist rather than Catholic.

I want these smaller works to be jewel-like, or close to illuminated manuscripts. It might have first been a necessity - poverty and lack of space, but now I like to continue it as a nose-thumb to the art-gallery-conscious massive machines of the in vogue painters.

Yes, I do work big when appropriate; my biggest canvas was 8 feet square. It cost an arm and a leg. I don't know what I'll do if my friend K sells her barn where many are currently stored!

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