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Not feeling it today

Greed and Faff seem to be the two aphorisms governing the start of the century.

The Saatchi sale fell through, basically because I thought a discount of 10% was more suitable than 18. The 'collector' declined the new $450 pricetag. I had decided to never interact with offers after the botheration of the last one, with emails shuttling back and forth like IT was on the verge of collapse. Will teach me to stick to my guns rather than engaging with the nonsense of the site and the conceit of the 'art-lover.' I have used inverted commas to signify the fact that some do art shopping exactly the same way they'd go for courgettes or underpants.

It'd be lovely if all who wanted a painting could have one, but i need to eat and to pay the rent. On top of this crap, i now have to shift 2 paintings from the staffroom to the barn. Did they inform me personally? No. They assumed I would see an email I cannot access from home and on laptops they do not supply when doing cover. If I had a device fused to my skull perhaps I could repond to it like a part of the Borg collective?

Unusually they have a shadow spokesperson on Breakfast. What a dronologue. I rant and carp. I cannot help it, but I seemed to manifest the zeitgeist in the most graphic way. I do not want to go to school today, but will have to in order to do some portering. It'd be better to be one of the Three Wise Monkeys, I fear.

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