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More backward glances and recriminations

Both Plymouth and Afghanistan are producing diatribes and whimpers. Lessons are never learned. Or so it seems.

As I said before, I just can't be bothered to upload any more images. I might if there is a sudden rush of people to follow. Instagram is slowly building, but I fear I may start to stop the reciprocal favours. It is becoming a platform for very bad art and even worse photography. The intent, I have to admit, with most of these appearances has nothing to do with aesthetics; rather itis to do with titillation and assertions of new (temporary) freedoms.

Very busy this week. The 'sketches' for Pluto are taking longer than I would have expected. I have to build up the surfaces, draw the drum in simplified form and then spot the picture with enamel dots. Fabricating the actual object may well be an even harder process.

Education in the broadest possible form is the solution to so many of the problems of the planet. Extreme views, enshrined selfishness, disregard fo the rest of the population, all might be reduced with better promulgation of liberal views (with a very small L; it is not party-political). There is much talk about mental health, but more will be spent on arms and armies and the less-developed countries are left to their own inadequate devices. And I have no idea what the solution is. Money and will-power?

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