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Losing touch

Before the event of social media it was so difficult to maintain friendships across distances.

Here's a list of names: Lovell, Durrant, Mortimer, James, Meier, Church, Aguilar, Hickey, and many others. I had hoped the vague magic of social media might bridge some of these gaps, but I guess some might just not want to be found? Maybe when I am famous some might emerge from out the woodwork? Perhaps not.

And of course, we change, we move on. But the body seems to age far more quickly that the mind, though it too faces mellowing. Had I maintained contacts more diligently the promotion and propagation of my platforms would have followed on naturally. Mind you, I spent 45 mins setting up a Facebook account for my father, but he just couldn't manage to run it. Sigh!

It's so hot in my room at night, and the pollen-count this morning is very high. Great. I remember the first time hay fever struck, the scorching summer of '76. So I sat my A levels in tears, or took a Piriton and sat over the papers almost nodding off. I am sneezing like a mad March hare now. If they are sneezy stand-ins?

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