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Let's ban music

News from Afghanistan gets worse by the hour, and the international community faffs and faffs.

This is 'My Brother Writes Poetry for an Englishman.' Based on a short story, whose author I cannot remember, this echoes the chaos in the world. And gay Afghans will now be in utter fear and trembling. And I'm afraid the rhetoric of any of our rulers is inept at its very best. The macro reflects the micro and vice versa. I see the dire incompetence of the property management and a certain scholastic umbrella organisation and realise it is all the same. And it gets no better, regardless of the trumpeting of the value of technology. As I told A yesterday, paying Costa Rica to 'save' the rain forest to offset our carbon footprint doesn't mean we have reduced out output by a single tonne! If it snows in the dark, it does not mean it is not snowing. And you get to see the blanket of white in the morning when you open the curtains.

And then I hear that the UK government has set aside £5 million to support ARAP, but only one third of councils have agreed to take refugees. Yet you see images of the local generosity of ordinary folk at clothing banks across the country... Though there are interviewees who carp the Britain is already full. Ignorance is truly bliss.

Maybe there is an announcement coming that 12-15 year olds will now be eligible for vaccination. But that does not hint at it's being compulsory or not. There will be further debate and more mess based on very little data. I look forward to the debate about as much as would to a bowl of snail porridge.

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