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Facebook? No thank you!

Conned into making an ad, but the only responders are after money to develop this site!

No work today. Again. The news rabbits about the lack of supply teachers and the struggle of schools. I'm waiting. Doesn't really bother me as I can add to the useless pile of useless paintings. Off to the Beehive tomorrow to buy even more canvases.

The ongoing hideousness with Instagram is a nettling goad. I know security is important, but if contacting an actual person to sort out a problem is impossible, then the whole thing becomes a sham. We live in the Age of Greed. All business motivations revolve around that impulse, but so too now the individual mode.

I look at the torrent of information about the cavalier attitude of the government and its supporters and cringe. But I can think of no solution. There will always be the greedy. They will prosper, whether they ar open about their acquisitiveness or operate in a bubble of supposed philanthropy and moral rectitude. Sigh!

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