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Continuing Downward Spiral

Why would anyone put themselves through the constant process of application and rejection?

Ink, enamel, collage. Not a great deal of slepp. Must be more affected by the stupid lack of acceptance from the vile CDS. You know, the last show I went to there were only about four pictures worth saving. The rest could have been placed on a bonfire and burned. Shane and Iona really good, the rest glib decoration.

At least I can now spend a month or so doing work using their initials. Bought a flatiron in Saffron yesterday. May have a crack at it today, though the weather doesn't look great. Hammerite and spray enamel has to be done outdoors.

The Ayrton at the Fry was worth seeing, though it suddenly struck me that all this nonsense about museumology and the curatorial stamp might have a vague validity. The sculptures were all crowded onto two tables and the labels were in microprint.. I still think he is an under-rated artist. And I note that he refused incorporation into the RA. He was very well travelled and there were some prints sold by Goldmark which I'd be buying if I had any money. I bought more books. Must stop that; there are 10 waiting to be read.

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