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Continuing Disastrous Scenario

A pundit just said, 'When the US ends..' Then added, 'its mission.' So glad for the clarification.

I told Rossella yesterday that I had learned 'All politicians are idiots' in Italian. I do not know the word for vile, but hope to learn it shortly. My dictionary sits beside the PC this morning. Spregevole. Along with other similes. And in the meantime the struggle to set up a new life-drawing class has begun. One taker so far, but no response from the venue I would prefer. They say business is suffering, but many appear unable to type!

No, it's no good. Had to turn BBC off again. No wonder the young don't 'watch television.' I put the commas in because they do, but not the way we oldies used to: streamed and at a time that suits, not one that's scheduled. The binge being one of the new modes. I binge, therefore I am.

Off to get breakfast with Andrew in Eddington. The money will all be gone soon. I await my inheritance no longer with any sort of anticipation. What should have been wrapped in delight and reminiscence is fast becoming a sourness I can barely stomach. Covid notwithstanding, the speed is that of a dead ground slope, extinct for an eon..'The moth and the flame' on Amazon Music shuffle; so true at the moment, but the unrequited position is not one that in the least sustains.

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