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Continual Detrimental Sententiousness

Does anyone at all in this world believe the sham sincerity of the parliamentarian?

Perhaps the BBC might consider not putting a spokesperson on at 7.30 in the morning. When you wake up your tolerance might not be at its very best. I have just listened to a woman, who shall remain nameless, who categorically refused to give a straight answer to a single question, even when posed in a personal way, not as a matter of Westminster policy.

I hate it so much. Sometimes it IS impossible to speculate on what the cabinet will decide before the data is released and explained by the medical experts, but a direct question, such as 'Will you continue to wear a face mask?' appears to be beyond the deductive reasoning of the pundit completely. 'Did you eat breakfast this morning?' No idea. 'Do you own a car?' Can't think. 'If you could go anywhere in the world on holiday, where would you chose?' Sorry, but without guidance from the minister in charge, I cannot possibly pick.

Have to try to get a fair bit further ahead with the wooden panel paintings. They are to be called Critical Discourse Set, subtitled Copernicus' Displaced Sun, Columbus' Dragonned Seas, and Charles Darwin's Solution. Each will have an object attached. And I hope Babylon in Ely might actually accept them this time?

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