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Completely Disastrous Simplicity

Ironic, there - anyone who understands Covid Rules stand up! Anyone who believes the pap the pundits offer about extreme weather stand up too!

But one piece of delight: I have a venue and a date for the Cambridgeshire Area Young Artists Competition 2022. It's Hinchingbrooke School on the 18-19th February. I had been worried that there was no clarity. Teachers and admin staff are frazzled at this point in the term, but it all came good in the end as they say!

We might have to make it a smaller event, but part of me thinks that the Arts have suffered even more than core subjects over the past 15 months. It is so short-sighted, but economics and just time for catch-up make for a climate that prioritises things in ways that will not satisfy everyone, students, parents or educators.

The image shows the scraperboard work done at a workshop. They are now one of the prizes on offer, but I would so like there to be one per Key Stage, but that costs £1000. So I am now in a quandary: some of the organisers want me to cut back on the proceedings; I want to expand it. Mat ask Cass Art and Facebook Groups for help. WE can then decide how to distribute it later.

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