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Bickering the universal method

Vaccines Minister responding to Chris Whitty's decision to jab kids. He is pro, but other party MPs are Con, Keep your dissent behind closed doors when it makes it impossible for Joe Public to have sufficient confidence in Westminster directives. It's make things easier.

I care far less about the nature of any system than about the implementation. In a workplace if one manager says one thing and an officer from the umbrella company says the opposite, there is effectively NO system. That many do not get this is beyond me. There might be an example of idiocy (You have to wear your pants on your head), but as long as everyone goes along with it, then it is no problem. Consistency needs to be the watch word. It removes the need for debate in the short run. Of course, if something is detrimental to the operation of the system it has to be rooted out. One just hopes (against hope) that the rule-makers have some sort of sense. Once all opinions are deemed valuable no construct can be sustained. It will crumble.

Morning rant over. Though a new example closer to home is the fact that Saatchi allows a 'collector' to make an offer. This means that careful consideration when pricing is undermined. But it is now part of their structure, but wish it was not. You wouldn't go into a store and ask to pay 10 percent less for your purchase if you stump it up in cash. You can wait for sales, but you can't bargain, or barter, for that matter. 'I will swap this washing-machine for this antique mahogany bookcase I happen to have brought with me.'

The bottom line is one step behind: deciding what is important, what not, is a skill that seems to have been removed from all and sundry. Unfortunately.

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