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Another Dreadful Day!

Watching the news is so hard. The world is in a super-mess and few try to undo it.

If not lies, then glib empty rhetoric. And even my village seems up in arms over a plan to replace the inadequate Victorian sewers this end of the High St, as the water company want to completely close the road for three weeks. The nimbies carp that the alternative is a 34 mile round trip. Unlikely, unless they go via Edinburgh. In the meantime the road has to be patched and repatched and (often stinking) water bubbles up over roadway and path. But of course, I do not drive and can still walk to work (when I actually get it).

In the meantime they are building houses like they were prepping for the Apocalypse. This will increase the strain on the infrastructure, roads as well as pipes. We get more and more micro-power-cuts, and the vacuous councillor pointed out that they will become more frequent as home-building adds to the demand. Not, 'We need to limit the growth and insist on improved cabling and drainage.' These people are essentially self-appointed. The election of minor officials does not matter. They are windbags, guilty of afflatus par excellence. But that is not an illegal activity, even when it is macro-mendacious.

And this damn sky! I normally have to sit under the SAD lamp in late autumn, but it's still summer according to the meteorologists. No iced coffee in the fridge, no Alpro for cereal. Just another great start...

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