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This is a large mythic picture. Zeus destroyed Prometheus' humanity because they had redceived stolen fire and looked away from the gods. One couple remained pious and faithful, so they were not drowned in the Flood. Remorseful, the Lord of Olympus told the pair to throw the stones on the plain over their shoulders. Hers became women, his men.

  • Large unframed painting

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  • Pyrrha, 60x60" Acrylic and collage on canvas.

    This relates to the Greek myth of the Flood. Zeus destroyed Prometheus' version of humanity after he gave them fire and they turned away from the gods, with the exception of a faithful couple: Pyrrha and Deucalion. The name means bright red.

    Zeus, filled with remorse, tells the pair to walk across the flood plain and pick up rocks. They are further instructed to throw these over their shoulders. Hers become women, his men. I have not yet done the companion piece, though it is likely to be very different visually, although probably the same size.

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