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Wish I liked football...

But I don't, and never will. Nor cricket or rugby or golf. Don't mine caving!

Another dull day. Well, we went from Inferno to Deluge. I love it when it turns Biblical.

I saw a picture of my first love recently, so many years later, his arms around his two sons in a smart looking house. I know the garden is beautiful too. Am I envious. Yes, no. maybe. It would have been so much easier. I feel I have achieved absolutely nothing in the same time period, but the big mistake - not going to art school - has just got to be put away in its box. Can't be changed, can't be modified.

I talk to my contemporaries a lot now about their children. I will never take on the feelings completely, but I find it fascinating that criticism runs parallel to total endorsement. It's one of those paradoxes in life. Means that my artwork is focused, perhaps, on things outside the ken of the average punter? Only with some sort of universal applicability does art survive and prosper. Maybe myth and abstraction works well in this context!

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