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Why bother?

Woke up feeling exhausted. Must be the tablets. But 2 lessons to do later.

The move to Radio 4 has gone well, though a spokesperson from Westminster is making a bid to be as nonsensical as the ones on the TV. It is all vacuous and fatuous. But I suppose that is the way of the world. But there is always the pandemic to blame, and don't criticise Brexit. Why would one?

Hope I can get a couple of spray-paint pics done this afternoon. Managed to do 2 yesterday. There is more cardboard at school to collect. I can churn them out, but the aim is to find a way forward. To find something new, rather than just reproducing old tried and trusted formats.

27 applications out of possible 300 truck-drivers from outside the UK. It's all going so well. Will I make a sale this month? Who knows, and who cares?

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