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What will today's rant be?

Email, I think. Stuff that should be in promotion appears in primary. Why?

FH 14. Not sure what artwork I will be dealing with today. Probably more of the A% sketchbook pieces. I view them in a different way to the normal description and typology. They do not serve me as pages on which to work out a composition, or to try out a colour combination, to add notes, etc. Each page stands as a finished piece. If I am ever made famous dealers will almost certainly break them up, ostensibly to display and distribute, but actually just to make more money.

Watched a vid with Stephen Fry and Damien Hirst about his current project: The Currency. The claim was that the A4 dotty pages were original works of art that could be exchanged for a version of Bitcoin. Joe Ordinary could buy one, it was said. They cost $2000 each. Cynical bilge. Yes, it is a commentary on the filthy lucre involved in the 'art business.' But it comes with at least a $2million dividend for Heni and the 'artist.' I put the inverted commas there because, despite the occasional brilliance, the vast majority of the charlatan's output is bilge!

I also have a gripe about another gallery. The receptionist was able to answer none of my questions about the curatorial staff and policy. But at least I bumped into two art teachers I was able to promote the aims of CAYAC. Let's see if anything comes of it?

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