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What a load of blather!

BBC reacting to Cummings 'revelations,' and feeling disgusted at the carping.

All organisations try to put a positive spin on any action questioned by those beyond its ambit. Hindsight is marvellous. If mine had worked I would not be in debt and I would be a successful artist. And how can anyone say categorically that another person did or did not lie. Intention is the issue, and surely people in any role do not wish to become unseated by carelessness, let alone systematic negligence, knowingly.

But we will now have a costly enquiry caused by a man who drove to Barnard Castle to see if his eyes were working. ''My eyes are dim. I cannot see. I have not brought me specs with me...' It is all The Quartermaster's Store with knobs on. Oh why, oh why, do I bother to listen to this idiocy - both governmental and from the unbiased media pundits.

At least, I managed to join 5 colleagues at The Curry Palace last night for a stonkingly good meal. Normality not my usual bag, but this was a fillip. Woke at 4.30 again, and when I finally got back to sleep a car alarm blasted the street like the final trumpet. More important to me than who said what when and wether they were speaking in tongues?

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