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Up at Six

Not as bad as it could be, but pretty bad nonetheless. And I used to be a night owl.

I guess the problem with this subject is that it feels like Bacon did and completed it, but maybe that applies to anything one tries to do today. Abstraction might be safer, but that can end up as glib hotel lobby artwork, and I have seen some quite nice large pieces in Embassy Suites in the USA.

The wettest May on record. Well, that's nice too. I think 'Van Gogh Inspires' have not approved a picture of a Milan Kundera book as the collage on it showed bare breast, regardless of the stylisation involved, though they allow some dire pieces, maybe in the spirit of diversity and inclusivity, but if its rubbish, it's rubbish! Gives me an excuse to not bother with them any more.

I was going to post the mural in the Community Centre as that's very Vincent, but not feeling like the struggle, frankly. Did a great spread of oil over a canvas yesterday and working hard on the Rousseau-inspired Cottenham Nude. My problem there is that it is only partly-realistic. I did not want a photograph in paint, but neither did I want something so simplified as to look like a cartoon.

I will also have to bite the bullet and contact StepChange, regardless of how big a nuisance that is. And one Geography lesson...

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