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This will be the last batch post

Day 83 tomorrow and this is the 82nd post. Will have to sort through more folders later.

Help. Ironic title perhaps. This is an automatic drawing in a sense. It shows a witches sabbath. They have conjured forth a hybrid dragon. It's make a great large canvas, but would prefer an assistant to do the ground work in oil on canvas.

I remember going to The Prado in the summer Inter-riling between school and uni. Goya's black paintings were the greatest revelation. I knew the Garden of Earthly Delights already, but not this room full of monsters and dark themes.

So, in this one am I the baby or the dragon? Both, I shouldn't wonder. Would like to know what topics people might like me to chat about, but I can think up topics on my own. Fingers crossed that this gets a wider airing?

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