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The sun's gone in!

Got up to brightness sifting through the blinds and curtains, but not any more.

Bullfighting, collaged acrylic and enamel mounted on coloured paper. These phallic shapes could be banderillas, but they stand in for two men, and their pagan antics., both as a pair of penises and as a reductive glyph for the whole body.

The LGBTQ+ community has expanded to a flood, instead of the trickle it was back in the day. I remember going on marches way back when, but to a degree it seems all open to us now. Except in other Draconian parts of the world.

But a label like 'gay artist' reduces and confines. There are attempts to co-opt Caravaggio, Raphael, Brancusi and various others into a sub-category. What a pointless exercise: the art has to stand on its own two feet regardless of orientation of the maker.

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