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The sun has come out

Before Lockdown it didn't bother me so much, but it does help!

Trick Cyclist. Acrylic on A4 carboard. From the 1980s. If I had a brain that worked properly, I would have tried to get into the RA Summer Show every single year. I might have succeeded, even though self-doubt prevented me in the end.

I look at books filled with Post-Modernism and think, 'I could have done that,' but comedy has always been a matter of timing. This would work on a much larger scale. The image came from staring at the scribbles and squiggles where I wiped my brush.

I think today I'll get the three posts I intend to do well before 8.00 in the morning. Some of this batch are in a folder called 'Ferris's Ferrises' as I do not intend to ever sell them, but you never know - if the money swears at me, rather than speaks gently.

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