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The news almost Olympic-free so far!

I hate to be such a curmudgeon, but woke up very early. Paracetamol and coffee!

FH 2. This one's REO Speedwagon. Not that it is relevant, but I thought I'd save the researcher a few minutes of investigation in the future. Sometimes the titles appealed, but would have needed script elements to survive in every case. Found one by Ex Post Facto called 'Dancing Child.' That would have been great, and the design was black and white and with a broad border. But I hald back.

The sequence actually contains what might be described as a disrobing, the last with an inverted expose of male genitals. Not deliberately provocative like the Chapmans, but rather a reminder of the stress of being exposed when changing for PE, and an extended metaphor for what the artist has to do to properly qualify for the title.

There is an implicit act of transgression in the very process of manufacturing a collage, the rip, the cut, the reassembling. I never bought into the Roger Fry claims for Formalism, but there is a degree to which the content here is purely a matter of things other than subject: shape, line, texture, balance.

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