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Teaching RE today

Not good at this as I do not believe. But having a religious family may balance that out?

A vile pair of landlords evicted me. Not for anything I had done, for the money from the house sale. Tried to muster publicity, and even managed to sell a handful of pictures. The funniest thing was a local radio interview. Before we went on air, the interviewer asked about the painting she said we'd discuss. She then switched to another one live. It was one where the sexual content was completely foregrounded. OK, no images, but I fluffed the responses. Perhaps I should have just gone for it and told the listener what it was actually all about?

I was down for just 2 lessons of Maths today, but one added at 7.10. All adds to life's rich tapestry. Or so they tell me. The three in the mid-ground here were shown at a guided busway opening. They ended up hung beside the Gents loo. oh, my what a sheer delight and marvellous achievement. The one I'm holding became 'Ganymede' for the KY reopening show, supposedly for local artists. China, after all, being a suburb of Cambridge. That is not bitterness, btw, but a commentary on the ridiculously incestuous and partisan curatorial direction in many, if not most, museums and galleries. Or is that merely a provincial problem, I wonder?

If I added up what I had spent on materials, framing, transport and entry to competitions, I'd now be living in a house in the leafy end of Hills Road! There are a couple of shows in the offing, but I do need a PA who is tech savvy, or one that can paint backgrounds for me.

Am I carping? Waking up at 4.a.m. can do that to a person. Will do a sleeping tablet tomorrow night. Might need to if Hartlepool goes blue. I was born there, but feel no connection as I moved down south at the age of seven.

have a good day y'all.

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