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Looks beautiful out there. We need it to lighten the mood.

Take an image, trace some outlines, then modify completely I should do a YouTube vid about it, but there appear to be too few hours in the day...

Dominic Cummings? 7 hours of slime. It's not that there was no truthful content, but it is the Cretan Liar modernised. I have got to the point where i believe nothing from Westminster and nothing from the BBC. That's a bit awkward. And the tendency to commit untruths to the stream of information as if they were gospel taints everything. I hope Art fills some of the gap, but when I read the absolute bollocks appended to Saatchi work it makes me very doubtful. Chalk and cheese rather than being opposites are slowly becoming the same - all is unlikely!

Ans Europe generally? Don't make me laugh. Perhaps the US offers a chink of light. It had been heading for utter darkness. It has a long way to go. I want to fly the Atlantic to see the museums nd natural wonders there. I tend to overeat while on holiday there, but I've been doing that in Lockdown, on the principle that everyone needs a hobby...

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