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Still three weeks until school starts

Teachers are so relieved when the term ends, but they then begin to pine for the classroom.

Ot perhaps that's just supply? We can refuse work if we want to, go shopping or have lunch with a friend in Ely. And there is no marking, no planning, no meetings. The BS that streams out of the Gorgon's mouth that is Westminster can be more or less ignored.

On the other hand the struggle for the artist portion of my being is even greater. It is 24/7. It never lets up. At least, I have enough reading material to last nearly to Christmas. I went to Ely promising myself not to buy any more books, but at 3 for £1, I couldn't resist the crime classics. I have taken to Duolingo to 'learn' Italian. I put the inverted commas in because my passive grasp is pretty close to full understanding in every day conversation. It's the Spanish, plus the 50 EF courses I ran. They weren't all Italians, but the vast majority were.

The desire to retire to Sardinia is mocked by my close friend A, but who can tell what'll happen. I need to break into the art market properly first though. R, who lives there, tells me that the political situation is dire, and the island burns, but at a certain age the demands of citizenship fade somewhat. I look at the rulers around the planet and think they are all as bad as each other, just the dictators do what they want openly, the rest hide behind the fluttering fan of supposed democracy in action... should the be 'inaction'?

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