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Soon be Christmas...

My least favourite time of year: no significant other. Might fly to Turkey; no celebrations.

Dominic Raab on BBC, so may have to turn it off in the next few seconds. Yep.. wait a moment. I'll b back! I just can't listen to them any more. I had an Ipsos survey yesterday about the government, crime and immigration. The questions are lengthy and there is not space to clarify issues. Therefore any stats will be skewed. Another piece of pointlessness. But my favourite thing on that site is when they ask what my profession is, but it is not on the list!

Saw a couple of friends from Germany yesterday for coffee and cake at CCC. Told them about probate and the wonderful work of MATs. They couldn't believe either. The chocolate fudge cake helped, I can tell you. May go to Ely today, but daren't really spend anything.

My other main gripe today is with Duolingo. It is supposedly the most popular/used language-learning site on the planet. But, it is so American, I have to ponder what is the 'correct' version they require, not that a native speaker learning English would grasp. And then they misuse (rather than confuse( tense equivalents from one language to the other. I let it all was over me. I am finding the rest of the grammar MUCH harder than Spanish, but it might just be the age at which I have started to learn it in earnest, rather than passively, listening to friends and students over the years?

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