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So little sleep

Will need to ring the GP to get happy pills today. I knew this was coming; now it's here.

Radio 4 instead of BBC1. Seems to be better. I have not started spitting feathers so far, but perhaps I am not paying too much attention as I get the social media stuff out of the way. Mind you, they have just started on about vaccinating teens. More nonsense. Celebrities should be used to persuade kids with accurate info. So glad actors and popstars are qualified virologists.

Now they are telling us how the young will suffer heatwaves and climate horrors as they grow older. I knew doom and gloom was waiting in the wings. At least the gilding of the conifers against the slate sky is a beautiful sight. I sometimes wonder if I had pushed my drawing ability to make 'pretty pictures' I'd have got further with my career? But could I have ever have engaged with this rubbish? The popular taste, the decoration, not the meaning!

I have succumbed to doing supply this morning. really, really din't want to, but the damn rent has to be paid. Will give me lunch, I guess. But school claims that a new regime has been implemented. It has not.

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