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Slower and slower

Not IT savvy, unfortunately, but this thing gets slower every day. A metaphor for something?

Rare for me to add this late in the day, but better than not doing it at all, though on the last day of this year I'll cease as this platform is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike. And I told the kids this morning that they should be called 'Generation Whinge.' Pot calling kettle...?

May well have 4 free days now. I sort of need them, but then pine for the schoolwork when it doesn't come. All part of my mixed-up persona. Should have brought more cardboard home, but may only do about twenty of the current runny pic. Can't justify them in terms of a single theme, just visually.

And I am coming down with a cold. It's not Covid - too snotty. But it doesn't gild the lily. Will have to cook later, chicken risotto and maybe muffins. I have a bit of headache, but that's new tablets. Oh, it's all such a faff!

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