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Senior moments.

Had labels printed out for shipping. Couldn't find them. Had to walk to school to reprint.

The day was going very well. 5 books bought on charity shops in Ely, detective fiction and a chronicle of Impressionism, plus a few 7" records so I could use the covers to complete a set of collages; small breakfast at the Market Kitchen; some spray enamel for new lot of images. Then I forgot the prints Ange did for me. I had intended to have a nap as I was up stupidly early again. It all crumbles to dust.

Had a video call with a good friend I did PGCE with. She too is fed up of the industry and the ridiculous demands of kids, parents, 'leaders' and the lovely government, for less and less reward. She is looking for other lines of work, but not so easy in rural Lincolnshire.

Have now boxed the custard apple, and am getting about 2 new followers a day on Instagram. Might get a 1000 by the time my debts are paid. My current repayment pan says I will be free of the burden in 991 years. But at least the football is out there and claiming attention. Year 7 could not comprehend the sentence, 'I detest and abhor soccer.' Sigh!

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