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It's better than the TV. Not sure why I didn't realise it earlier. The format requires quieter delivery.

Just encountered the use of 'Passing' as a term to decribe someone of ethnic origin claiming to be completely Caucasian. I had assumed it was used exclusively for gay men pretending to be heterosexual, but clearly it extends well beyond that. We are all so mixed up.

My sister has gone up north to see my father. It is his birthday tomorrow. I cannot get there. Will try to phone. I fear we have very little in common and conversation descends very rapidly into the weather and maybe the government. Talking of which, Have I Got News For You last night was hilarious. The problem with it is that the satire never results in any change.

Off to town. Maybe buys some more art materials. Shouldn't. It's a vicious circle. More stuff, more pictures. And the surge predicted by Saatchi has not happened. Surprise, surprise!

They've started on about sport on Radio 4. What a load of. Panem et circenses. Same as it ever was! Sigh.

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