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Questions, questions

All with no answer or a glibness that would have been replaced by grim silence.

Afghanistan: where did all these Taliban come from? Were they hidden in caves or lurking in every rural village, or massed just over the border in Iran, for example? Why is nothing said about Qatar giving sanctuary and therefore support to these monsters in exile? Let alone the thorny, 'How on earth did the USA and Coalition forces NOT know a rapid withdrawal would cause hideous chaos?

And I wonder how many of my Facebook friends and scattering of followers on various platforms have experienced probate that took more than two years? Every person I speak to about this say they are utterly aghast at the tardiness. There is no reason it should have been this long, even taking Covid into account. Excuses abound. That is all. But I am incandescent about this Kafkaesque nonsense. And daren't not think what my mother might have thought.

But then, the utter stupidity of the 'International Community,' whatever that is supposed to be, just how all things are done nowadays. And I do think that generally things have gotten worse. IT has speeded up only commerce. Politics has become bogged down in the need to consult everyone on the planet and to analyse the results before acting, or to do something spontaneously and then spend years going back over what was done and by whom and why! Sigh.

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