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PC being really slow this morning

One more lovely thing to help this lovely world rotate. Hope I can get some art done?

Woke up at 5.30. Good start. Want to start the FH series today, collage over 7" single record covers. It doesn't stand for Fun Holidays, or Feeling Happy. It will extend a previous batch to make a total of 100. Not sure I am suffering an existential crisis, but can glimpse the Black Dog out of the corner of my eye, slavering and pawing the ground. It will include naked men. I have been thinking very hard recently about gay in/visibility. I am sure this is a common enough theme, but Hungary have just enacted draconian laws. Europe? 21st century? Err... hello!

I had a good day on Saturday, but the power cut late in the evening spoilt it all. My sleep patterns are not great at the best of time, but this skewed my equilibrium considerably. My appetite also seems diminished. I thought that was simply the heat, but am feeling disinclined to eat much, never mind prepare and cook.

I should also be looking at art send-ins, but the whole process is protracted and excessively expensive. They say you have to spend money to earn money, but you never seem to get a proportionate dividend, whatever your expectations. If only I had rebelled at 18 and gone to art school despite parents and school's impositions. Well, maybe!

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