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One lesson today

That's OK< but wish i still lived a few yards from the site, rather than this end of the village.

Oh, I like this more than when I first put it up. That happens, and so too the reverse. When people buy (such a rare occurrence), I find it odd that some pick things I am very happy to let go, though others seem to search out the ones I'd prefer to keep. And as for the Saatchi surge... I'm still waiting. Sigh!

The news has not made me spit feathers so far this morning. That is a great improvement. I looked into Maenza last night, a town in Italy selling houses for 1 euro. It was a while ago and maybe they are no longer doing it; I'd take up the offer tomorrow and move lock, stock and smoking barrel. The learning Italian is zooming ahead. I am coming up on a 50 day streak. I make stupid mistakes: fat fingers, or typing far too quickly. Makes me slightly more aware of kids' struggles.

Bright blue sky to wake up to. That always helps. Oh, I spoke too soon. The carbon dioxide debacle is moron-managed and moron-multiplied. Do you think that MPs go on a special course on 'How to say nothing sensible in an Interview'?

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