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Non-essential shops

My bespoke framer will not be open at the moment, so at least I'm not spending vast amounts to prepare 'Shibboleth' for exhibition

Glossolalia. Wow, apellcheck didn't choose to underline that in red. I am often surprised when words I think are normal get the treatment, and predictive text can be even more hilarious. You can look it up - thanks to Wikipedia.

This is the quintessence of the role of the artist in the modern world: painted like a savage, tongue sticking out and eyes closed. Determined to stand out from the crowd by weird strategies and the support of weirder gallerists!

Wix offered me an email campaign. They found 777 contacts to import and bombard. Many may no longer connect; many will be dumped in social or promotion categories. I just expect that I'll be spending money to get the pics out there.

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