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New Year - people claim it's happy.

Inevitably that makes me seem like a Grinch, or at least a doubter

I'm waiting for more, or renewed, restrictions. I am also waiting for Utter Garbage to solve the electrics, but that is about as likely as instant theophany. Everything appears messed up at the moment and I know that carping solves none of it, but stagnation is almost worse than disorienting disaster, be that personal or on a public scale.

I suppose that the underlying dissatisfaction lies in the impossible mountain that is getting art recognised and celebrated. It is somewhat narcissistic, I am sure, but that is all there is. I had plans to get it all underway, by employing a guy to sort the IT and promote the website, the Twitter, the Facebook. But I have about £16 to last until the end of January. y birthday is under a week away. I don't hate it; just find it part of the tedium. Makes me think about failure rather than about success.

Will do some spray painting and possibly have to do some cooking? I should try to do a video for YouTube and TikTok, but it's all just a bit of a faff.

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