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Need a thousand followers by the end of the year

Otherwise this becomes another exercise in utter pointlessness. Just sayin'.

I was talking to a friend yesterday about the gap between private and State schools at the moment. This is not the place to fully flesh out my views, but I just wonder if the blather that the spokespeople in Westminster has any foundation in truth? But maybe that is excused by the fact that all politicians procrastinate and prevaricate.

At least there is one thing that is perfectly clear; that hardly any 'Man in the Street' understands probability and therefore transmissibility and other consequences of Covid modelling. Then agin, it could be that the pandemic has broght selfishness to the fore (in some quarters, not all, needless to say).

I was i a class two weeks ago. They were learning about 30 pieces of French vocab. At Kim, we would have been given 5 minutes. Those present were given 35 minutes. It could be argued that the desire was to guarantee that everyone in the group one hundred percent got the words into their recall centres of the brain? If so, the notion of catching up the lost learning of the last year is completely beyond all conception. Sigh!

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