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Lot of waffle

I usually have the Beeb Breakfast show on the PC as I type. It is all blather.

Me and Bear. I had the teddy specially made, but fear it may have been thrown out in an unpredicted loft-clearance. He was called Warhol. I collect cuddly toys, but will stop when I get to 100 of them. Wanted my aunt's but Pete gave them away.

The random losses of stuff from my life is irritating, but it is a paradigm for the way things turn out; I look back and wish I had kept lots of things, or at least had photographed them. But there are people too who I wish I still had contact with...

I have done very few self-portraits, and they have all been based on phots (with maybe a tiny number of exceptions). The thing is, every picture is just about me - though it may be applicable across the board as with the best of all artistic endeavour?

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