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Life is shit!

No getting away from it. It's a rat-race, a rat-trap and an impossible maze to navigate.

So, I took a painting to my framers. He is not in the best of health, but kindly said he dould do it over the weekend. £165. Then he emails that the stretcher is not 'square.' So it needs to be restretched - materials + time. I have no gripe with him, but just shows bargain canvases are not a good strategy!

School was one of those days with excellent classes and diabolical ones. Loads of kids were then sent home at lunchtime as we have a possible outbreak. Staff going off, students positive on a DofE trip, so all in group plus those taught by two teachers who have also been found to be infected. Not sure what will happen for the remaining weeks of the term.

Have to go to town as we now have no ATM in the village. It's partly an excuse to have lunch at Signorelli's, but no more books from charity shops until I have read the current pile. Might go to Hobbycraft to buy more art materials. Depends on just how much extra money this darn CDS thing is going to cost. Tomorrow it's Luxembourg. I need the holidays to get here, even if it's just staycation.

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