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I wish I liked football

Bloody BBC allotting so much time to that, Martin Bashir and Eurovision. Why on earth do I switch it on in the morning? I am hoping for news. Some hope that is!

If I had been good at sport at school; if I had been more willing to follow fabricated pop groups; if I had married had kids and become the Head of Department in a nice private school Arts faculty... But, actually I am now utterly delighted that i did not go down this pointless dead-end cul-de-sac.

I have to teach one lesson of Yr7 Science today and and Yr11 Geography tomorrow. It is hardly worthwhile going in. Means I get some exercise and the un is out, but the dictum of 'Panem et circenses' is so pertinent. And I can watch the Eric Cantona interview again on Catch-Up. Oh Joy!

Hopefully I can get some work on The Cottenham Nude done, though I am not feeling it today. It is sometimes like any other job: you have to go in and deal with the same crap every day. At least I have one follower on Instagram who actually comments, rather than leaving a string of emojis like a Mayan stone-carver. The expectation is that you can interpret the glyphs, but it hardly seems worth it...

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