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I have my first subscriber!

Admittedly a friend, but every little helps.

Dancing Sky. I am breaking my resolve because of the notification this morning. May now do one a week. I look at some posts from art sites and despair, but also see some work by amateurs on the Van Gogh Inspires page and delight in human achievement and determination.

I have also had 4 whole hours work this week. Teaching with masks, both for me and the kids, is a whole different ballgame. It may surface visually shortly. Still would like a sale to push me forward with production. I do not have painters block but am feeling pretty sluggish. Not very well yesterday. Should go to the doctor's, but am very lackadaisical when it comes to my health. I only tend to go to get happy pills, but manage that particular 'illness' fairly well nowadays.

I try to do 30 mins of domestic doings every day: hoovering, window-cleaning, baking. Doesn't seem like much but keeps me on top of it all. I have ordered 3 wooden panels that are 50x50 inches. I will get a wriggle on when they arrive. RampArts, COAX, ArtGemini are all coming up, not to mention CDS. I can add objects to the panels; in the past I have suspended things in front of canvases, but prefer to fix things. There is a danger that they just become 'dust-collectors,' but Rauschenberg's very best work was the combines. My father was a metalwork and woodwork teacher and a qualified cabinet-maker, but never liked my paintings, so never helped. That is a shame.

I am thinking about bottles of odd alcohol, creating a tribute to Bacchus. It would also be a V's up to Chemnitz. I applied for a residency but was rejected. Not really being churlish, but having spent ages doing a proposal, I now have a project that needs fulfilment. And the bacchanal is something very close to my heart, though I can't imbibe as once I did. At 18 I was heading for alcoholism, but luckily was warned off. I once shared a house with an addict too; it was extremely difficult once he fell off the wagon. We will have to see!

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