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Grey start, but sun promised.

Not really wide awake yet, but I hate lying in bed. Have never liked it.

This is Splendid Isolation. 40x30", acrylic and enamel on canvas. I have sent off to another curated competition, this one in a gallery in Mayfair. Free to enter, but £150 if I get through. I think i prefer this method to the average of £25 per pic, with no guarantee of acceptance. Ihad been accepted by an Irish virtual show that operated the former scheme, but PayPal decided not to be very pally, so that was a techno-fail, I guess.

It'd be nice to be accepted as it'd be a sort of endorsement. Their fee is to help with the opening, champagne nd nibbles I assume. It is an effort to do these competitions as every one wants a slightly different style: format, info, statement, links. At least I can now add the website, even if it's still far from finished. I added the five images of the entries to change the content of this blog, even though i had decided to just use existing images.

This reflects the state we all find ourselves in because of the pandemic, but also recall the work I did around the draconian enactments across the world, barbarically anti-gay; but then, the world seems to become more distasteful every day. I want to do something to commemorate Riley Hadley, a twelve year old boy who hanged himself because he was bullied about his sexuality. What have we done? Whatever it is, it is far from made a better place to live in. I have a painting called Ganymede which I might modify for the purpose. I have a small canvas to write his name on, so that it can be attached to the lower frame like a pradella panel.

Originally the youth had his left arm showing too, but it didn't work perspectivally, so I changed it It is unclear if he is taking his clothes off, or about to put them back on. It is 'The White Girl' all over again. The audience wanted to know what was the secret story behind Whistler's painting? There was none. Here it might be me with almost no school work for getting on for a whole year.

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