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Grade inflation, anyone?

Education, education, education... I think not. What a mess. Again.

I know and understand the difficulties created by the pandemic and the consequent Lockdown, but the plunge into chaos was well under way before that gave it the extra push. There's beautiful mackerel sky above the lumber yard this morning - perhaps I should focus on that, rather than on the ensuing disaster that we seem to be in the middle of?

I am stupidly going to Babylon to see what got in, even though they didn't have the simple courtesy to reply to an email enquiry about the process. The Fates move their pieces and I am sure the selection will piss me off completely. The opposite methodology, un-juried exhibitions, are just as messy. Maybe the internet will help? I doubt it, judging by Saatchi. They promote their wears as any commercial system would. Merit has nothing whatsoever to do with it. All are touted as masterpieces with equal glib lack of rigour.

Had a stunning lunch yesterday with Anne. The pistachio soufflé was incredible. Stone bass with butter beans and chorizo for main. Equally delightful. Out again today. and am delighted with the likes and reactions on the renamed Vintage Male Beauty page on the generally awful Facebook.

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