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Dilute, dilettante dithering..

That's what come out of COP26, though they crow that it is a marvellous achievement.

I am going to moan and groan, if by any miracle is reading this; so my advice is to close the window and move on. Back in the day I did march with CHE to Trafalgar Square, and joined a couple of anti-Nazi carnival events, and dressed up as a badger to support a local wildlife charity... but that was a long time ago now.

The whole list of premises on which the above was based is completely spurious. Limiting the continued outpour of carbon needs to be reversed, not diminished. Admittedly they are talking about reforestation, but they number of tress that need to planted is astronomical. The 1.5 rise is a poor target. Realistic forecasts assume as high an increase as 2.8. It will be true apocalypse. The seas may begin to give up carbon, rather than store it. Not to mention the untold damage to all ecosystems.

And solutions, simple ones, if harsh? There are many. I will sound like an old white fascist, but believe me it is unavoidable. Anything tainted with a whiff of social engineering resurrects the spectre of eugenics and is anathema in most quarters. But 'Stop Breeding' might be a good slogan to save future generations, despite being paradoxical. The Chines restricted births to one per family, but then relaxed the rule.

I see almost ALL cars with single occupants, some Chelsea tractors which can almost take a busload on board. Car-sharing should be mandatory. Fine for a non-driver to say, one who works in walking distance from work, or produces at home. There was a scheme in Washington DC for only full vehicles to use the central 4 lanes of the 12 lane highway a long time ago. Mexico City had a rule that cars could only use alternate days depending on the registration numbers. It can be engineered. I fear that by the time it is imposed it will be insanely too late in the day.

Eat less meat altogether. I hardly eat any red meat, but am guilty of still being an omnivore. Stop shipping food around the planet. We can do without the exotic, things not in season. And food waste? Don't get me started...

Enough for one day. I need to go spray some terribly unfriendly paint around!

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