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Day 163

So I am still about 5 posts behind. Not that it matters.

This may end as a submission for CDS. It keeps changing. I have to cut my cloth... Best frames, available works, and a couple of provocative ones as I'm so pissed at the world. Mind you, it was lovely to have coffee and cake in Eddington with A,S and R this morning. Shame about the group at the next table. From across the pond with absolutely no understanding of indoor voice. We were on the terrace, but my cousins in Detroit heard the racket, and every other word began with f. There were young kids about too. Is this the new 'freedom'? Well, you can keep it.

And it looks like the temperature in my bedroom tonight will be about the same as it is in a dry sauna. Planning a trip to Whitstable to try the Croatian cafe there... if the Lockdown is eased at all. Betting is the only vice I have always completely rejected. I do not even like buying raffle tickets; prefer to give a donation. Methodism in my blood, along with alcohol nicotine and goodness knows what else. I had salad twice today. No idea what's come over me. I have to admit I did buy some cake and chocolate. Supporting local industry; that's the way I like to look at it, anyway.

Finished the mixed media pad, so tomorrow's work includes scanning and posting. You can see why Sisyphus is truly my avatar?

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