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Custard doughnut

They say 'catchy title.' So that's today's. Had one for breakfast.

need to hit the ground running today. There is just SO much to do. CDS still not done, so will have to send to school as my printer says No! I hate technology most of the time, though could not live without it, of course.

Have bought a new block of mixed media paper. Will use acrylic and spray paint this time. Stones filched from the carpark behind the house. Will also pay the damn Council Tax. Judging by the quality of the road repair at the front of this building, they either don't deserve it at all, or are just lords of mismanagement!

Have been told that there is a location in St Ives wanting artists to exhibit and sell. Better look into it. But could I just say, my housemate's astrologically-based promise that things would get better either misread my chart or an errant planetary aspect caused a cancellation of the same. What a pain!

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