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Choice diminishes Self

However determined one is, the confrontation with important decisions makes most dither.

Not supposed to be profound remark; rather it points up both human inadequacy and the probability that all things are predetermined. The notion of free will has been gradually eroded over time despite the hothead garble over rights and responsibilities. It strikes me that most of us want the big trivia in our lives to be taken out of our hands. It almost doesn't matter what we do, we'll be crushed by the ridiculousness of the daily round.

Good day yesterday with a lunch at The Bridge, though the fact that mother was not there made it a little sad too. The worst thing is the oppressive heat. It's not the temperature, but the realtive humidity. I took the kids across the Moroccan desert with zero humidity, and it was fine, as long as you were downing at least two litres of water to counteract the evaporation.

Only 20 minutes into the breakfast news bulletin and still rabbiting on about this moronic event. I know people want something to lighten the horror of the pandemic, but I know there'll be a week of students asking if I watched the match, and them all being unbalanced by the negative answer. And Sports Days across the timetable too!

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