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All goes stagnant

Not carping, but all the platforms I use start strong, then whimper.

I have been to the Fitz, but not yet back to the Zoology. June 21st, maybe? But currently it seems unlikely, as does the 'Catch-Up' in Education promised by our betters. Thank the Lord that I have no kids to worry about... but it could be argued that i have in fact almost 900 of them!

Must tidy the living-room today, so my housemate can get into the garden more easily. Won't start just yet as it'll wake her up and she sleeps for England; it should be an Olympic sport. Then need to select the work for the Drawing Society. The entry has to be done by 18th.

Made some scones yesterday, but they were a bit flat. Will ask my niece how to perk them up. No chocolate for 4 days now. Not a deliberate 'fad' or dietetic decision. Just seem to have rather gone off it. If I take a bar, it'll be like an addict's hit. Had developed a bit of a tummy over Lockdown. Can't have that!

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