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Actually slept through until 6.30

There was sun when I woke up, but it has already declined into dullness.

Olympics on BB1, followed by Olympics, so I put News24 on... Olympics. Glad that nothing is happening in the world outside Japan. I know that makes me Mr Grumpy, but when it's wall-to-wall, you can understand the ever increasing popularity of streaming.

I am off to a sauna in Luton. Not really the place here to post a review on my return, but there is now a kind of hedonistic disregard for the rules. And then there's the fact that I cannot find my nail-clippers. A second pair broke, but the original ones have gone walkabout. Just another little bother. I might have an amusing day, chatting on the journey to our steamy destination.

Haiti doesn't look good. Will Biden intervene, that might be the next question? The powerful all appear to have the minds of six-year olds. That, ultimately, will be the reason we do not manage to save the planet. The little guy tries to do his bit, recycling, making fewer journeys anywhere in car or plane, growing a bit of food in the garden, but the stuffed shirts refuse to impose stricter conditions for fear that they'll lose their shaky tenure. The art-world is less of a battlefield, but is as equally immature and partisan.

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